Skincare Tips That Promote Healthy Skin, Not Skincare Products

It is nothing short from fact that the right skincare regimen will dramatically affect the aging process of your skin. Although the topic of skincare and anti-aging is not typically discussed openly among males, many men are desiring the look of smoother skin. Likewise women continue to aspire to age gracefully, and sustain healthy-looking, glowing skin.

When most people think of organic products, they automatically assume that it is pertaining to the use of lotions or other skin care products. In reality, the subject of skincare extends far beyond the use of specific skin care products, but rather begins internally, is often altered by the environment, and is effected by the most simple routine of all… the cleansing of the skin.

The importance of a healthy diet loaded with rich protein, vitamins and minerals is potentially the most important key factor when it comes to taking care of the skin. The lack of drinking enough water and other liquids causes dehydration, which intern can create dryness, cracking, and even premature lines and aging skin in both male and females regardless of age. Even people with oily skin will benefit from drinking more water as it cleansing out the excess build up of oils. Other factors such as environmental elements like heavy wind, pollution, free radicals, and excessive or direct exposure to sunlight is a huge enemy to the health of the skin. Frequent abuse of harsh soaps, drugs, cigarettes, and even alcohol can also increase the appearance of signs of aging in both male and females. Cold dry air is a major enemy of the skin, so skin should be properly lubricated and/or protected from the winter days and/or nights where the skin will be subject to exposure of cold, dry air.

For both genders, skin care should be simple and should begin fairly early in life, such as your early to mid twenties. Washing the face with even the most gentle face soaps designed to moisturize will be of no benefit to the skin if hot water is used, as hot water draws moisture from the skin. Hot water should only be applied with a cloth when certain beauty routines call for opening the pores. Afterward, apply cold water to shut the pores, dab the skin dry, and apply a light film of a gentle moisturizer such as olive oil lotion, or any light, non-greasy lotion.

Facial scrubs can irritate the skin and even in some cases scratch/damage the surface of the skin with repeated usage. Chemicals peels should also be avoided at all costs. The skin contains the ability to heal itself, and over excessive peeling or shedding of the skin will only be furthered encouraged by engaging in these methods. Contrary to the belief that chemical peels can help generate more collagen, (which can only in some cases stimulate collagen renewal in small amounts), it can interfere with the natural shedding and rejuvenation of new skin, leaving it vulnerable and raw. Instead opt for using a facial liquid soap cleanser (not a bar) with natural ingredients like botanicals. Do not use your hands to cleanse your face, as hands may contain oils that can become trapped in and permeate into the pores of the skin, thus causing breakouts. Instead use a soft wash cloth designed specifically for cleaning the face, or a special cleansing sponge for deep cleaning.

When build up dead skin does accumulate on your skin, use a gentle facial cloth or sponge and get it damp with hot water. Next dip into a small bowl with regular sugar you can get from the grocery store. Take the sponge/cloth and gently begin to scrub the surface of your skin and neck with the gently dissolving sugar crystals. It is not important that the sugar is completely dissolved, as you want the sugar crystals to gentle scrub and buff away the dead skin cells. This process will help to naturally remove dead skin cells and create a luminous complexion without causes dryness. To help remove blemishes and pimples/breakouts add a bit of lemon in a separate bowl and damp it with your hot water cloth/sponge before dipping in into the sugar. Lemon is an anti-oxidant, and has skin lightening properties that will fade blemishes, while containing anti-bacterial properties which help assist with the fight of acne breakouts.

The last and final tip for maintaining a healthy skincare regimen that is often not mentioned is to avoid “junk food!” This can pertain to any candies, sugary baked goods, and even chips! Although it is difficult, junk food contains loads of preservatives and artificial ingredients which promotes the build up of toxins, and creates the need for the body to expel more waste though the skin. Although the topic is taboo, constipation contributes a great deal to enlarged pores and the excretion of excess toxins/waste through the pores of the skin. In other words, keep your body clean internally as well as externally. Remember, what you put inside of your body and your general health will reflect on your skin!